Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Justafixation - 14 rare trippers from the 60s U.k. psychedelic subculture

Justafixation came out in '96, and is more psych than beat. I think Voyage Through the Sugarcube has the edge, but there's some great stuff on Justafixation, including the Koobas' freakbeat track "Gypsy Fred". There were 3 other volumes in the series: Justafixation #2, Justavibration (softer British psych in a Circus Days vein) and Justification, which is the beat volume and the best of the lot. They aren't so hot in the sound quality department, unfortunately.
This comp had been issued at around 200 or 300 copies in 96, and was nearly sold out in the first weeks after it appeared....
This is a Rip from the original LP.
Dig it!

I'll follow-up with the "vibration" and "fication" Lps, but sadly haven't got Justafixation #2…

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