Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fools On The Hill 15: Captain Groovy - 20 hip-shaking garage floor fillers from the mid-60s

Sorry for the delay in posting the follow-up volume from our "Fools On The Hill" series. Some things neede to get addressed first. This Volume is not centered on a specific genre, rather it's made up of eminently booty shaking numbers, all from the same period. Their only common point is their timeframe: they're all from the 66-68 period. Most of them also had a scratch at the local charts. This would be a good soundtrack to a period party… if it had been organized by a real hipster. Of course it would have been impossible for a US teenager to have access to some of the songs here: people were listening to local radio and artists who could cross from the East to the West Coast, let alone the Atlantic Ocean, needed to be a lot more famous. Thankfully, we are not limited by this now. We've kept the fuzz content low, at the time, it would probably clear the floor and send peeps rushing to the bar. Not what you expect from a good record spinner in a club. We've also mixed in some songs that tagged as "novelty" by the purists now. At the time though, they were enjoyed on the dancefloor because of their thumping R'n'B beat. Then as now, you had to keep the girls dancing… The last song hints a the shapes of things to come: acid is slowly creeping up on the scene. If the DJ at your local garage club is lacking inspiration, just drop this on his desk to point him in the right direction! The only thing we've carefully avoided are the "slow" songs, feel free to insert your favourite sweetheart hugger in the playlist. Don't forget to tell us in the comment section what songs you feel belong on the compilation.

Get your period hip-shaking, floor-filler selection here.

Track Listing:

●Captain Groovy & his bubblegum army ●Captain groovy (USA)
2●? & the Mysterians ●Do something to me (USA)
3●The Guess Who ●It’s my pride (USA)
4●The Shadows of Knight ●Shake (USA)
5●St Louis Union ●East Side Story (UK)
6●Wimple Winch ●Save my soul (UK)
7●3’s a crowd ●Evergreen blues (USA)
8●The Shadows of Knight ●Someone like me (USA)
9●The Cherry Slush ●I cannot stop you (USA)
10 ●Unrelated Segments ●Where you gonna go (USA)
11 ●The Wild One ●Please (USA)
12 ●The Shandells ●The gorilla (USA)
13 ●The Preachers ●Who do you love (USA)
14 ●Zen ●Hair (Holland)
15 ●The Caretakers ●East side story (USA)
16 ● Jack & the Sundowners ●Come back baby (USA)
17 ●Oscar & the Majestics ●Can’t explain (USA)
18 ●The Artesians ●Trick bag (USA)
19 ●Mike Proctor ●Mr. Commuter (UK)
20 ●The Nazz ●Open My Eyes (US)


Anonymous said...

Great stuff! I recently found your blogg and I really like your compilations! They're done with an idea and the tracks are well chosen! Keep'em coming!!! //Beatcrazy

Anonymous said...

thanks for this great vol.15

Anonymous said...

Great Music Great Blog

Anonymous said...

great blog thanks for fools on the hill compilaton

Bøljan said...

Man, this has to be one of the greatest volumes in this series of yours. I mean, Three's a crowd + Shadows of Knight + Cherry Slush in a row... A lot of other great stuff i haven't heard before too, that Captain Groovy tune was amazing, plus that ?+Mysterians song which I will put on repeat during the wintertime, so to secure my daily dose of vitamin C.