Saturday, July 12, 2008

Wall Of Voodoo - Dark Continent

Bent. Off-kilter. Twisted. But no words can nail Voodoo's odd, dissonance--or its catchy tunes and sinister, cynical view of the world in which every person is a time-clock punching, end of the road loser about to be hammered. This album captures the sick conventionality of modern life--as apropos now as in 1981--and the odd, empty shells that masquerade as living, thinking beings. Every song is great, but I especially like Back In Flesh, Call Box, and Good Times.
I still can't understand why this isn't reedited in CD. The file is off my beloved Vinyl.
Here it is.

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Justification CD: 20 Trippers from the 60's UK Psychedelic Subculture

Off good Ol' Freak Emporium: Limited to 500 copies and a compilation of the best tracks from the first two deleted vinyl releases from the Justa.. series. Includes some new gems, this features some of the best obscure UK Sixties psychedelia. Includes cuts from Kippington Lodge, Murray Head, Cupid's Inspiration, Jet Harris, Sharon Tandy and lots lots more. Perfect for those retro pill-popping parties... Contains a wad of Justification 2 LP songs and some unissued material as bonus. If somebody has the Justification 2 LP, please leave me a comment with your email (i won't publish it). Cheers.

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