Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Incredible Sound Show Stories 09 - Clap Hands Daddy Come Home

In the immortal words of Dig the Fuzz Records: "You have here a collection (gathered together by hideous phone bills, hedaches, loft insulated records and of course the sheer love of it all!!) of stupidly rare and obscure discs from foreign shores featuring lost and long forgotten British bands from the mid to late sixties.
In this latest instalment of the delicious and Incredible Sound Show series, we present 17 god almighty blasts of guitars, organs, drums, harmonicas, and while we're at it general MOD and R&B mayhem from 16 no-hit wonders now back in the land of the Union Jack. CLAP HANDS! DADDY COME HOME!…

My personal comment here: there are a lot of UK bands who felt competition was too hard in the UK and emigrated elsewhere (usually Europe)… easier living to be had. Either that or foreign-only issued 45. These songs literally come from all over the world… Singapore included!
A scorcher of a volume is what we have here… it nearly started a parallel ISSS series. Look for a new volume in the near future.

Meet Daddy here!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Incredible Sound Show Stories 08 - Professor Potts' Pornographic Projector

Sorry for the delay in reposting, I had the classic hard drive crash - everything I've done in the past year has gone. Thankfully I've got a copy of the next Fools On The Hill, the Sitar Sizzler, Phew!
This is an extract of the promo sheet coming with this volume ISSS, I couldn't put it better, so here it goes:
Dig The FuzzRecords present you with a feast of hallucajenic (sic) melodies to twist thru' your brain and finally rinse the shit out of your cells.
15 stoned out sinners head your way from the mid to late sixties (All US). So obscure, these bands left history behind!! Bands inc. Ark, Ballroom, 1st Century, 4th Way, Calliope, Hysterical Society, Group Axis, NGC 4594, Childe Harold & More, More, More.
Limited to 650 No'd copies vinyl only with pure Porno art sleeve + booklet detailing all the bands included + postcard for your own personal use. None of these trax have been compiled before!

Lo and behold, I have to revise my previous comment: this is one the best ISSS volumes. The good thing about blogging is listening again to music buried in my library. This one is in fact a long lost friend. Brilliant!

Enter Pr. potts private screening session here

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Incredible Sound Show Stories 7 - Visions of Alice in Black

Even shorter post…It's summer after all! Another brilliant smorgasbord of rarely heard UK Psych, Freakbeat and Hard Psych. One of the best ISS comps, I have to say it goes slightly downhill after that one, untill the pure Freakbeat comps "Clap Hands, Daddy Comes Home" Still plenty of unknown gems here.

Visit the dark side of Alice's mirror here.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Incredible Sound Show Stories 6 - Plastic & Rubber Lovers of Life

Very short Post today. Volume 6 of ISSS is up. One of their best UK Psych comps. Flows seemlessly between Toytown Psych and Medieval Madness. Lots of little known tracks, very well pieced together. A Must hear.

Don't go out without your rubber… get it here.