Thursday, July 23, 2009

Incredible Sound Show Stories 08 - Professor Potts' Pornographic Projector

Sorry for the delay in reposting, I had the classic hard drive crash - everything I've done in the past year has gone. Thankfully I've got a copy of the next Fools On The Hill, the Sitar Sizzler, Phew!
This is an extract of the promo sheet coming with this volume ISSS, I couldn't put it better, so here it goes:
Dig The FuzzRecords present you with a feast of hallucajenic (sic) melodies to twist thru' your brain and finally rinse the shit out of your cells.
15 stoned out sinners head your way from the mid to late sixties (All US). So obscure, these bands left history behind!! Bands inc. Ark, Ballroom, 1st Century, 4th Way, Calliope, Hysterical Society, Group Axis, NGC 4594, Childe Harold & More, More, More.
Limited to 650 No'd copies vinyl only with pure Porno art sleeve + booklet detailing all the bands included + postcard for your own personal use. None of these trax have been compiled before!

Lo and behold, I have to revise my previous comment: this is one the best ISSS volumes. The good thing about blogging is listening again to music buried in my library. This one is in fact a long lost friend. Brilliant!

Enter Pr. potts private screening session here


Nick said...

top,thank you for this cd.a must have!!

vincent the soul chef said...

I am a relatively new visitor here, always on the lookout for comps such as these. I want to thank you for hipping me to this series. I look forward to giving each volume a go on the ol' iPod.

Peace and blessings.

sfdoomed said...

Wow, I've never even heard of this volume. I have a few of these comps on vinyl. Thanks so much for posting these so I can listen to them on my commute to work!

Anonymous said...

hi there, excuse my dumbness, but what does isss relate to??could you please traslate for a dumbass like me??

FuzzyWasabi said...

You might not be dumb but you certainly are blind… Incredible Sound Show Stories = ISSS.

Anonymous said...

many thanks,guess i could be deaf,dumb and blind,ha ha,cheers,love your blog site,i have many compilations,but havent seen or heard a lot of your posts.

Sarcoptiform said...

A few years after I bought this I discovered it was named after a song by the US group The Troll, "Professor Potts' Pornographic Projector."