Thursday, May 04, 2006

On the fringe of the Paisley movement, there was True West

as posted by RYP here . but although they made a 2nd album ("Drifters"), a year later I think, their quirkyness and acid dazed sound petered out rapidly.
Their guitar player Russ Tolman pursued a solo carrer. This album, his first, is probably his finest moment.
If people really rave about, it I will rip the 2nd, although some of the magic is missing from it. Russ seems to have soldiered on untill the late 90's. Ripped from my vynil copy @ 256, with both back & front covers.
Cooking guitar work lies inside.


RYP said...

thank you for this one, in the evening 'll have a listen to and if you're interested I will post quickly another Russ Toleman & the Totem Polemen "Goodbye Joe"!

FuzzyWasabi said...

RYP Did you like it?

RYP said...

a little bit late, but it's too much music around and life goes on in other ways too - and Russ rocks... yeah, like it! paisley movement works clearly! as good as steve wynn records.
thanks, fuzzywasabi