Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Eastern Dark: Girls on the Beach (with Cars)

I used to call'em The Thin, The Fat and the Ugly One…
In response to Our friend the disco man Here's the post of The Eastern Dark's Live LP "Girls On the Beach With Cars", a testimonial to what they were able to conjure up on stage. Stay tuned.
This is for James.
Three guys and an audience. Enjoy!


Robert.Johnsson said...

Great post "FussyWasabi"

This is a real cool album THX !

As for your mention of posting the Singles...YEAH PLEASE :)(i havent got the proper SetUp to rip My vinyl yet)

Lou Ford said...

I love it. Totally fucking awesome. Thanks, thanks and thanks!

FuzzyWasabi said...

Thanks guys, I am still looking for the single… can't find it!

MusoMommy said...

You are awesome! I used to have the "Long Live the New Flesh" EP and the "Julie is a Junkie" 7 inch. They got lost somewhere in one of my many moves. I grew up in Melbourne and I was actually going to see the band the night of the van accident when JD died, I was devastated!This download has brought back a flood of memories, thanks.