Saturday, June 03, 2006

More Gurus

Time for an update methink. Before continuing the Band Of Outsiders thread, here's some good and fairly rare tunes from The Hoodoo Gurus. These were in a 7 (?) singles pack reissuing all their early 45. No need to post the songs that made it on "Stoneage Romeos" or "Mars needs Guitars"…
Be my Guru could/should have be on "Romeos", this is no filler song, lack of space maybe? B-side of hit single"My Girl"
Leilani II is of course the B-side to the single, this should be inserted right after Leilani inside iTunes… it compliments it quite well.
Last Hoodoo you love showcases what the Gurus could be live: this is a scorcher! B-Side of "I Want You Back" Dig the covers!
These songs can be found on the CD-reissue of "Stoneage Romeos"

As always, covers included and songs ripped 256 high quality, otherwise why bother?
Have fun and remember: my love is a red rock


RYP said...

welcome back from the bowels of hell! In Germany we have the season so called "summer" but temperatures about 10-13 degrees! so I would like to be in the bowels of hell!
thank you for the gurus - next I'll post "blow your cool!"

Robert.Johnsson said...

Hey..Im sorry i have been unable to reply to your Excellent post..
It is very much appreciated...Thanx BIG TIME ;)

sonicd the original said...

hello, i'm a greek aussie rock lover. any chance that you have that sunnyboys single with the topless girl on the cover?