Sunday, August 27, 2006

Band Of Outsiders - Up The River

Well, I'm back from fairly nasty period of too much work and bad health…
Surprise #1 is that Diamanda (from Greece) sent me about 2 months ago a Rip of "Up the River", a Band Of Outsiders EP I never heard about! While I still have to flatly excuse myself to the lady for not answering sooner, I've posted it here: Child of the Moon.

This being the only song on the Ep not found on the band's previous LP, I felt it was a bit pointless to post songs you could find in my other posts. Surprise #2 (for me at least) is that it's a live track! Remembers me that Thursday night when they played my hometown club, still one of my fave gigs. Sound quality is surprisingly low, considering it was surrounded by studio tracks.
Still well worth the listen, I wish we could unearth more material of a better quality.

Surprise #3, well… it is going to be the subject of another post soon.

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