Sunday, June 12, 2011

60's Garage Punk Classics


«Along with Psychedelic Disaster Whirl, these EP sets are probably the finest comps of the late 80s. The three first volumes would have made one hell of an LP.»
Age of Madness

And what a killer of a comp it is! I Met this crazy bunch while they were putting the final touches to the hand made covers and had a chance to listen to the thing… It's been a while since heard a comp like that. Flows beautifully. The last track is awesome.

By deference to the hard working enthousiasts who produced this 100% legal piece of vinyl (very uncommon these days), I won't upload the sound now, I'll wait untill they're sold. There's only 195 of them, get them while you can. They come in 2 flavors, the Deluxe with the day-glo paint is a hoot!

lim. hand numbered 45 copies with glow in the dark hand sprayed sleeves, hand stamped labels, insert
20.00 euros / $29.00
lim. hand numbered 150 copies with DJ sleeve, hand stamped labels, insert
15.00 euros / $21.50

Priority shipping charges:
Europe: 12.00 euros / $16.00
Rest of the world: 17.00 euros / $24.00

Payment by paypal only

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Garage Punk Classics
18 US Garage Punkers from the mid-60s

All tracks first comp’d between 1986 and 1987 on the long-gone and awesome Punk Classics vol.1, 2 and 3 7’’ EP series. First time now on LP, with better sound quality and unabridged versions!

Side A
1. The Choab - Why Am I Alone? • Albuquerque, NM (1966)
2. The Fortune Seekers - Why I Cry • Norwalk, CA (1966)
3. The Tuesday Club - Only Human • ? (1967)
4. Evil Enc. Group - The Point Is • Beckley, WV (196?)
5. It's Us - Don't Want Your Lovin' • Kenelton, NJ (1967)
6. Whatt Four - Our Love Should Last Forever • Riverside, CA (1966)
7. Thunderbirds - Hey Little Girl • ?, WI (196?)
8. Shadows - Tell Me • ? (196?)
9. The Scoundrels - Up There • Brooklyn, NY (1966)

Side B
1. Scott Bedford Four - You Turned Your Back On Me • Northampton, PA (1965)
2. U.S. Kids - Check Out • Medford, OR (1966)
3. The Ascots - So Good • Pontiac, MI (1966)
4. William Penn Fyve - Blow My Mind • Palo Alto, CA (196?)
5. The Moon-Dawgs - Keep On Pushing • New Orleans, LA (196?)
6. Wildwood - Plastic People • Stockton, CA (1968)
7. Operations - Reincarnation • Cincinnati, OH (1968)
8. The Allies - I'll Sell My Soul • Barstow, CA (1966)
9. K Lawson & 4 More - Halfway Down The Stairs • Memphis, TN (1967)

For all orders and questions: Fuzz Busters Records


Anonymous said...

Why is shipping so damn expensive?

Gary said...

The Thunderbirds on this collection were from Iowa and they have a website.
Gary Myers

FuzzyWasabi said...

@ Gary: Shipping is so damn expensive because the dollar crashed… did you notice? Helps the US sell stuff but makes anything coming from outside the US darn expensive. Politics and economics at work.
Not their fault.

@ anonymous: Many Thunderbirds out there, my friend… Are they really the same? I had a band called Thunderbirds on my "Exploito Psych" comp… not the same band. More info is always welcomed.

YankeeBoy said...

I'm wondering just how much better is the sound quality from the original EPs, which as I remember did not sound very good at all. Were these LPs made directly from original 45s?

FuzzyWasabi said...

@YankeeBoy: sound quality is much better than the original EPs.
Apart from a couple of songs, all were re-ripped from original 45s.

I justlike the way it flows together.