Monday, December 08, 2008

Fools On The Hill 10: Soft as Snow - 23 mid-60's soft beat and popsike acid greats from northern Europe

NEW FILE, you get 5 extra songs on this one. A seasonal offer with yet another strong volume in this series. Northern Europe was always more of a "beat" country as opposed to the more known "garage" sound. This, coupled with a great pop sensibility created a very specific sound.
Clean, often mid-tempo, with nice harmonies… quite far from today's Viking invasion. A quiet compilation for those winter mornings.

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Track Listing:

1● Palmer/G B Graeff ● Bye Bye Baby (Norway)
2● The Golden Earrings ● Nobody but you (Holland, 1965)
3● Chapter II ● She won’t even let me in (Holland, 1966)
4● The Pussycats ● Love her (Norway, 1966)
5● The Pussycats ● Just a little teardrop (Norway, 1965)
6● The Outsiders ● Keep on trying (Holland, 1967)
7● The Motions ●Who’ll save my soul (Holland, 1965)
8● 126 ● Mailbox execution system (Norway, 1968)
9● The Golden Earrings ● That day (Holland, 1966)
10● The Pussycats ● The craftsman (Norway, 1966)
11● The Motions ● For another man (Holland, 1965)
12● 126 ● Today (Norway, 1968)
13● Sharks & Me ● Buses (Holland, 1966)
14● The Divorced ● I'm gonna leave you satisfied
15● Les Baroques ● We’re both to blame (Holland, 1967)
16● Trolls ● Alone (Sweden, 1966)
17● The Hounds ● The office girl (Sweden, 1967)
18● The Motions ● You’re my Adee (Holland, 1968)
19● The Jackpots ● The sound of silence (Sweden, 1968)
20● The Golden Earrings ● Must I cry (Holland, 1968)
21● The Zaks ● Take special care
22● Mayfly ● Blue sofa (Holland, 1971)
23● Chapter II ● To my girl (Holland, 1966)


Anonymous said...

Thanks...but there are only 18 tracks in the zip file.

FuzzyWasabi said...

Ermm, you're right, I've updated the file now.

Anonymous said...

fuckin' good comp !!!!

frumious bandersnatch said...

Thanks a lot ! Great idea for a comp as those bands' albums - whenever they recorded one - are often uneven or weak. But there are great nuggets to dig for inside...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the prompt fix!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your great work!

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Anonymous said...

Wow...nice selection on all the FOTH comps. Thanks for making my drive to work a little easier!

Gerard said...

Thanks for these very nice cd's!
I like them.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to listen to this! Great blog and thanks for all of the hard work putting this together!