Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fools On The Hill 12: Balls & Chains - 18 mid-60's fuzz-driven pop masterpieces from the US

Well, the opening track on this one was a real ear-opener for me. I couldn't believe the song was from the mid-60's! it could have come from the 90's England. This volume is one of our strongest: using the word "masterpieces" is not as far-fetched as you could think. All of these songs feature an instant pop catchiness and a good dose of fuzz. What seems at first to be an eclectic collection of songs (the Rolling Stones?) paints a perfect picture of the mid-60's, where hopes a crafting a hit were high… Only a few of these bands achieved any (deserved) success. Even more surprising for me was to find The 5-Man Electrical Band, whose album I had dismissed as uninteresting, compiled here. This goes to show our man Sylvain has sharp ears. Timeless stuff indeed and worthy of heavy rotation on your stereo.

Get your fuzz nuggets here.
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Track Listing.

1●Public Nuisance ●America
2●The Guess Who ●If you don’t want me
3●The Kitchen Cinq ●Please come back to me
4●The Music Machine ●Trouble
5●The Rolling Stones ●Think (UK)
6●The Buckhinghams ●C’mon home
7●The Tuneful Trolley ●Hello Love
8●The Great Scotts ●Show me the way(Canada)
9●The Ides of March ●I’ll take you back
10 ●The Grassroots ●Feelings
11 ●Teddy & The Pandas ●Running from love
12 ●The Five Man Electric Band ●We go together well
13 ●The Uniques ●Run and hide
14 ●The Tuneful Trolley ●Written Charter
15 ●Powder ●Gladly
16 ●Public Nuisance ●Time can’t wait
17 ●The Springfield Riffle ●100 or two
18 ●The Great Scotts ●The light hurts my eyes (Canada)


Anonymous said...

I love this stuff -- Thanks so much!

Dr Faustroll said...

Impressive collection of comps!

Thanks a lot for sharing, thanks for putting Dr Faustroll in your blogs list... and welcome to mine!

Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting. And the themes of the others are intriguing as well. Thanks for rescuing all this obscure music and Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

WOW, loving this comp, probably my favourite so far. Thanks for this.