Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fools On The Hill 17: The Blue Electric Butterfly - 19 mid 60's greats from the UK forgotten psychedelic underground

This is yet another "classic" 60's music subgenre. So classic that everybody knows the words "Pink Floyd". There was no point in including them here, so we focused instead on the lesser-known bands that tried their luck at the same time. Each and every UK town of some importance sported a healthy musical scene at the time. Most of these bands sunk into oblivion as they often were live bands and didn't clinch a deal for an LP. But some others were offered contracts by labels who were desperate to not miss this new wave. Of course, once the contract signed, little to no effort was provided to advertize the LPs, insuring commercial failure. For the bands, it was really a case of being there at the right place (London) and at the right time… most of them would miss the boat because of haphazard management or being in the wrong town for too long.
You can consider this style to be Sergeant Pepper's little nephew: you know, the one who would pilfer your liquor cabinet and visit your pharmacy for goodies. This all leads to fairly dreamy and out-of-whack lyrics, not to mention high pitched vocals. The rise of this UK psychedelia lead, of course, to an army of dazed imitators springing up in the rest of the world. After all, this was the "now sound" of the Beatles' homeland. This style would last up untill around 1972, when it fell victim to both Pink Floyd's success and the rise of "Progressive" (and boring) music.

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Track Listing:
1●Sweet Feeling ●Sherry Cherie (UK)
2●Calum Bryce ●Love maker (UK)
3●The Object ●She’s gone away (UK)
4●Argosy ●Imagine (UK)
5●Mood of Hamilton ●Why can’t there be more love (UK)
6●The Gurus ●Come girl (USA)
7●Jimmy Curtiss ●Psychedelic situation (USA)
8●Kaplan ●I like (UK)
9●The Bunch ●Looking glass Alice (UK)
10 ●The Difference ●Sweet sounds everywhere (Norway)
11 ●The Scene ●Scenes (from another world) (Australia)
12 ●Roger Denison ●She wanders through my mind (UK)
13 ●Nimrod ●Don’t let it get the best of you (UK)
14 ●The Timothy Grass ●Second glance (UK)
15 ●George Bean ●Floatin’ (UK)
16 ●Argosy ●Mr. Boyd (UK)
17 ●Elli ●Mister Man (UK)
18 ●1984 ●There is music all around me (UK)
19 ●The Silence ●To Sarah B. (UK)


The Wolfmen said...

Is this a home made comp - cracking.

Been banging the Jagged Time Lapse series lately, winners

Anonymous said...

the Gurus were American, on United Artists

FuzzyWasabi said...


yes, all FOTH comps are lovingly hand made on my dirty Thorens turntable and then assembled with iTunes. The idea here is to have a comp series where each volume is a good introduction to each genre/subgenre of the whole garage/psych/strange 60's music we love. It should allow you to find if you like a certain style before you go and buy LP/Cds, or DL uneven comps. I, for example, can't still quite stomach the whole "hippy" things… but making the comp for it made me discover Linda Perhacs… A very good find!

Track list has been corrected as per Anonymous comments.


Psychedelic-Rocknroll said...

thank you for this post!!!

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Anonymous said...

This is an astounding series! There must be thousands of dollars worth of time and effort here. You deserve more than thanks or even praise. These are masterfully compiled, assorted and the artwork sets the gold-standard for Album covers. The fact that The Wolfman asked what he asked is proof. I stand in awe of your accomplishments.

ge said...

supah doopah!!

Gary said...

Just found your great blog!!Always amazed by the huge amount of cool 60's records out there. Been listening to the Psychic Circle (well worth checking out if your not familiar with them )comps here so this is a nice addition to my collection.Many Many thanks from the Uk Really appreciate the effort you have made--Gary

Sébastien Desrosiers said...

Fantastic blog!

The Scene were from here in Montreal, Canada. Iknow their only single was also released in Australia though.

snakeboy said...

Looks like I'm going to have to collect the set. Thanks for your hard work in putting these comps together.