Friday, January 30, 2009

Fools On The Hill 16: Voices Green & Purple - 19 US acid-punk and soft punk from the mid-60s

Aaaaah Acid punk… it's probably what turned most people on this whole garage thing. All the right ingredients are here, creative compositions, fuzzed-out guitars, reverb-drenched vocals and frequent drug induced lyrics. The first sound effects and snippets make their presence felt. It must have been a good time for guitar pedal manufacturers… But what really sets these songs apart is their attitude: there's none of the hippie, love-in feel in these songs: they're punk! Even what could have been nice ballads are usually snarled across your speakers or recited forlornly in the middle of a bad acid downer.
You'll find plenty of much loved classics in this comp, keep in mind it was meant as an introduction to wild & wacky world of 60's punk.

There you go, enjoy your comp here.

Track Listing:

1●Kenny &the Kasuals ●Journey to tyme
2●Grains of sand ●She needs me
3●West Minist’r ●Bright lights windy city
4●The Sound Sandwich ●Apothecary dream
5●The Hooterville Trolley ●No silver bird
6●Crystal Chandelier ●The setting of despair
7●The Skeptics ●Ride child
8●The Ballroom Farm●A question of temperature
9●The Troyes ●Help me find myself
10 ●Unrelated Segments ●It’s gonna rain
11 ●The Tropics ●As time’s gone
12 ●The Xtreems ●Facts of life
13 ●The Swingin’ Machine ●Do you have to ask ?
14 ●Soul Inc. ●60 miles high
15 ●The Grammy Fones ●Now he’s here
16 ●Crystal Chandelier ●Suicidal flowers
17 ●The Bit a sweet ●Out of sight out of mind
18 ●The Birdwatchers ●Mary Mary
19 ●The Chocolate Watch Band ●Loose lip sync ship


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