Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Fools On The Hill 14: Walruses all around - 16 greatest songs Lennon never wrote (+ 3 treasures from the Dakota Hotel vaults)

To keep in line with our Volume 9 about McCartney, we just had to produce the equivalent about John Lennon's wannabes. It's bittersweet and dreamy and at the same time has all the marks of good Rock 'n' Roll… of which John was the connoisseur inside the Beatles. We hope you thoroughly enjoy this little hour of mind play… Happy New Year to y'all!

Get your Lennonisms here.
As usual, your comments are very welcomed.

Track Listing:
1●John Lennon ●Real love (demo, 1979)
2●The Spongetones ●You’re the one (USA, 1982)
3●The Rutles ●I must be in love (UK, 1978)
4●The Redcoats ●You had no right (USA, 1965)
5●Utopia ●When does the world go to hide (US, 1980)
6●The Spongetones ●Don’t you know ? (USA, 1982)
7●Jade ●Rest of my life (USA, 1968)
8●Lazy Smoke ●Come with the day (USA, 1967)
9●The Rutles ●Let’s be natural (UK, 1978)
10 ●Grapefruit ●Lullaby (UK, 1969)
11 ●Tin Tin ●He wants to be a star (USA, 1970)
12 ●We all Together ●Little boy (Peru, 1974)
13 ●Rockin’ Horse ● Delicate situation (UK, 1970)
14 ●Key ●Pamela (Germany, 1978)
15 ● John Scoggins ●Love you two (USA, 1976)
16 ●Sleepy Hollow ●Sincerely yours (USA, 1972)
17 ●Hudson Brothers ●So you’re a star (USA, 1974)
18 ● John Lennon ●Free as a bird (demo, 1977)
19 ●John Lennon ●Now and then (demo, 1979)


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say thanks for posting these great comps!

The Mayfly said...

Brilliant post! Very novel collection.

Thank you for the hard work on this blog. Your posts are much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Interesting comps! Many thanks. Was there a #3 for fools?

Anonymous said...

Although I have visited your blog before, I have not been by for some time.

What a pleaseure to visit and find these wonderfully compiled Fools comps - I particularly love the Lennon and Macca themed ones.

So great, thanks for all your hard work. I'll be back again soon.

Cheers, Simon (Edinburgh)

Tulloch said...

Many thanks for this and all the other excellent comps.

FuzzyWasabi said...

We are still trying to locate # 3… it got lost. We originally issued all these comps as a very limited 15 CD run collection…sent by mail through the contact we had through our fanzine.

We have located somebody who might be able to Give us a copy of the original CD.

We'll keeep you posted.

Anonymous said...

so great! keep 'em coming!!!

Unknown said...

i have everyone of these comps which i bought as they came out.So if you need a upload of #3 i can get you one.Oh & i have had the Captain Groovy moniker long before you issued the Captain Groovy comp.I was pleased with the title to that one as i compile comps for our local 60's & beyond dance night "The Lollipop Shoppe".

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for all your hard work on these comps!

Johnny Lebrel said...

great idea! great bands! and great great work!

Spongetones, Rockin’ Horse, SUPER!

and Lazy Smoke "there was a time" for the next volumen, PLEASE!
also you can add The Winnerys and Los Brincos from Spain.

and Badfinger, yes or no? je je!

MANY THANKS FuzzyWasabi !

Anonymous said...

What was the name of the Fanzine? Thanks for putting these up!

alf said...

monkees porpoise song, is a great imitation of the walrus song written by carole king - especially in her orig demo - also the plimsouls are weird in that they imitated lennon not in beatle days but in mind games era- looking forward to this neil Innes is great! eg shangri la