Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fools on the hill 26 : what should be next?

Aas I get back into the swing of things, I need to select a theme for the next FOTH volume.

I was contemplating the following themes:

Bent and batty hippie shit, as in the very stange stuff drugged-out hippes, loonies and communes came up with.
It might just be difficult to listen to a whole CD of the stuff…

Loner-Folk… plenty of interesting stuff abounds but then it might get MIGHTY depressing to listen to.

Far East Fuzz: I am currently listening to a stuff-load of stuff from the far east and asia. We already did a Volume on Cambodian Rock,
as this was a marvelous and exceptional moment in time. The other Asian stuff borders on pure kitsch soemtimes but is strangely enticing. Think Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Laos, Thailand etc. This might have to be split in various volumes, because some countries had a relly beat scene and others were mixing traditional music with 60's sound.
Same thing could apply to Middle East and North Africa… it very difficult to find good sources, though.

Still working on gathering more African PSych, but the again, with wars and the general attitude, precious few interesting music remains.

Votes, suggestions of themes… and …help even ARE GLADLY Welcomed. Drop us a comment.


Trolley said...

so glad that you're back at it! it's been far too long. your take on Indo-rock would be really cool.

Pedro Homero said...

First, glad you're back!
Second, all those choices seem good to me, but an asian-based psych comp would be a killer. I listen to Fools On The Hill 18 - Asian Takeaway almost everyday (I'm crazy about Khmer Rock).

Anonymous said...

... a selection of Beat/pop/psych from Asian groups would be wonderful....

ciao from Milano!

Unknown said...

Far East Fuzz sounds sounds like a winner. Especially if you break it down into the various sub-genres you mentioned. I look forward to a new volume of Fools on the Hill.
Thanks for all the excellent collections of music!

Anonymous said...

Indo-Asian-Rock! Turkish and Persian is hard to find but awesome! Sameyeyam

Anonymous said...

Asian psych would be great.
Also was wondering if there is something like a Greek 60/70s psych scene except for APHRODITES CHILD of course? And how about Italy?


Anonymous said...

Only just found this blog, and there's a whole series of FOTH compilations which look like they should make fascinating listening, looking forward to working through them all.

An Asian one I'm sure would be great, but what about Latin America, or Russia and Eastern Europe? And if you could get a sub-Saharan Africa comp together that would be fascinating too.

My personal choice, however, would be for a comp of electronica and psych cross-overs, bands in a similar vein to the United States of America. Surprisingly there doesn't seem to be that much around.

Whatever it is I'm sure it'll be fascinating, looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, another theme I've thought of is that Gregorian chant sound, like 'Turn into Earth' and 'Every Christian Lion-Hearted Man Will Show You.' I don't know if there'd be enough to fill a comp though.

Anonymous said...

It's not complete yet, but for individual European countries this should be a great resource:

Mark said...

The wacky hippie vibe sounds like my thing. Though I'm sure there isn;t anything you'd contemplate I wouldn;t be itnerested in to at least some extent. Great stuff thanks.