Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Incredible Sound Show Stories 4 - A Trip on the Magic Flying Machine

Short post for today. This is one of the best psych volume in the Incredible Soundshow Stories series…so good I am still listening to it years after ripping it. There's just one heavy prog/psych in the track listing, all the rest is absolute classics. The word "Psychedelic" is mentioned so many times on this comp that I will spare you the track listing! There's also too many favourites in there to start commenting them… you'd end up with another monster post.

Just climb aboard the magic flying machine here.
We enjoy your comments… get typing!.


Pauly said...

man, i love fuzzy wasabi! thanks alot!

Anonymous said...

Another nice blog on the interwebs, thank you!

Unknown said...

Einar said...

i was tryig to find Fade away with The Crusade on youtube after i listened to the flying machine
i thought i found it but it isn´t the same song. is it you or the youtube dude?

Unknown said...

the alby - feather
and the crusade - fade away
have switched names :)