Friday, June 26, 2009

Sky Saxon RIP - Sky Saxon Blues Band - A Full Spoon Of Seedy Blues

LINK IS UP! Another one bites the dust. "If there’s ever a day you don’t want to die on, publicity-wise, it would be the day Michael Jackson dies. That kind of sucks up all the ink in the room, and if there’s a drop left, it goes to Farrah Fawcett." I couldn't have put it better… read the rest here. Hilarious account of gigging with Sky's New Seeds in the late 70's.
Back to this LPee: a lot of people really despise this album, but I think it showcases a very eerie quality Sky always had about him. Creepy might be the better word. Do not listen to this album late at night kids, it WILL unnerve you. Think Manson with talent and you'll be close. Thanks to YaHoWha, Sky always (?) stayed on the right side of the fence. So, it's time to pay our last goodbies to one of American Garage true icon. Godspeed, Sky.

On a lighter note, you have to wonder what Muddy Water took before writing these liner notes… I suspect a combination of hard liquor, young hippie vestals and a manager sleeping in the bath tub.
This is a rip off my original Crescendo LP, in all its glory. Enjoy and get your spoonful here.

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