Friday, November 14, 2008

Fools On The Hill 2: Autumn Songbook - 23 moody punk-folk greats from the mid-60s

This set is centered on the "moody garage" or folk-punk styles. The success of the Byrds gave a whole lot of new ideas to teeenagers Statewide. The band mixed the British Invasion sound with elements of contemporary folk and pop music. McGuinn's jangling, highly melodic guitar playing (using a 12-string, heavily compressed Rickenbacker for its extremely bright tone) was immediately influential. That gimmick can be heard on the opening track as well as "I'd rather you leave me" by the choirs (#9) and "Why must you fade away" by Dennis & His Times (#22). This is strictly a US only style, England was still in the midst of Beatlemania. Apart from the Rickenbacker sound, the other defining aspect is that the general mood is well… gloomy at best. Visions of devastated world, lost love and broken hearts are central to the songs. As hairs grew longer, the level musicianship also bettered, in keeping the pace with the Beatles and the Byrds. It is much more difficult to play a 12-string guitar than to quickly bash 3-chord punkers on a cheapo plywood plucker. As a consequence, the arrangements and the songwriting are also much more refined. You can even whistle to some of these songs! No screamers here, but some of Garage's most enduring songs.

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Track Listing:
1●The Squires ●Going all the way
2●The Paradox ●There’s a flower shop
3●The Illusions ●Wait till the summer
4●The Shaynes ●From my window
5●The Escapades ●I tell no lies
6●Kreeg ●How can I
7●Kenny & The Kasuals ●I’m gonna make it
8●The Gants ●I wonder
9●The Choir ●I’d rather you leave me
10 ●The One Way Street ●Tears in my eyes
11 ●The Dovers ●What I am gonna do
12 ●The Choir ●It’s cold outside
13 ●The Psychopaths ●See their girls
14 ●The Band of Wynand ●Day time nite time
15 ●Eddie Cunningham & The Lone Rangers ●Girl don’t change your mind
16 ●The Weads ●Don’t call my name
17 ●Burgundy Blues ●Get you back
18 ●The Fantastic Deejays ●Fight Fire
19 ●The Stoics ●Enough of what I need
20 ●The Index ●Paradise beach
21 ●Dennis & his Times ●Why must you fade away
22 ●The Excentrics ●What can I do what can I say
23 ●New Chains III ●The end


Anonymous said...

Interesting collection. Looking forward to checking this out. Thanks.

YankeeBoy said...

Thank you. As I listen I am really enjoying this comp. But one thing, do you think you could post an artist and track listing? I know some of them but not all.

By the way, I think that you and some of your blog's readers would enjoy my own blog Time On My Hands. My approach is a little different than yours but there is a lot of overlap.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic...thank you!


Anonymous said...

How do you know the Illusions?

FuzzyWasabi said...

Good question… They were featured on the Teenage Shutdown series, on the Gyro compendium and even on Back From the Grave! I still have the feeling I heard them long long ago… this could just be the mark of a really good song!

Anonymous said...

This is an excellent comp, every song a gem. Thanks.