Thursday, November 27, 2008

Fools On The Hill: A few questions and a poll

Next update (Volume 8) this coming Friday!
Sorry for the delay, I need to have a good chat with the Comp Master, the great Sylvain FuzzyMental, as I am unsure of what to say about Volume 8. This is tentatively titled "Love Songs In The Night", a late sixties pop collection… certainly interesting but not my usual aural food. I'd like to write a little meaningful paper on that one, as it's chock-full with rare songs. Volume 9 will be something a lot more funny… should be an ear opener for some. We're also thinking of posting some of the LP from which the songs of the previous volumes were lifted.
What would you prefer?
1) We post the LPs straight after the compilation they're featured on?
2) We post the LPs at the end of the FOTH series (this will take at least another month)

I'm leaning towards 1), simply because some of you obviously enjoy our selections… and it gives us a bit of time to craft more comps.
I'm also bugging Sylvain to put his headphones on and start churning out more volumes… your comments are a great help and incentive. I am at the present deep in New Orleans Funk and Mariachi music… lodsa discoveries coming soon!


Anonymous said...

les compilations ça suffit déjà largement...

Anonymous said...

I am enjoying the FOTH series, so the sooner I can see more of those the better, as far as I am concerned. But however you feel like doing it is cool. Thanks for the music!

Anonymous said...

both is okay! thanks alot for posting this compilations!