Monday, November 17, 2008

Fools On The Hill 4: Goddesses in the sky with Diamonds - 19 psych pop, psych and acid folk female gems from the mid-60's and early 70's

Well, it's all in the title. Although I never was a huge fan of female singers in the 60's, I just can't stand Grace Slick anymore, this selection was quite an ear-opener for me. It's got a very gently psyched vibe and I sure discovered that some artists that I usually find too hippy for my taste, like Saffron, could put out some very interesting (if sometimes unwittingly funny) songs.
Once again these comps are not centered around a region or label but rather themes. Some of these songs are pretty hard to find, mainly because the focus of collectors is squarely into the hardcore Garage and Psych. There's probably still a wealth of material of this genre waiting to be discovered. The overall mood of these songs allow them to blend seamlessly into the next. Even über-gloomy chanteuse Nico fits strangely nicely in there, which I think exposes the underlying trend most of the female singers were following the world over. This is why you'll find a bonus track at the end by Mazzy Star, it fits so well that I didn't even notice it the first I listened. There's a gap of 20 years between them and the youngest performer on this comp… it's as if nothing had changed.
This is not a comp for you punkers out there, more something to listen at dawn or dusk.

Don't forget that vision is a lonely word and grab this compilation.

Oh, don't forget to tell us in the comments how (or if) you liked it!
Next post will jump numbers again to have a more energized compilation following this one.

Track Listing:
1●Claudine Longet ●God only knows (USA, 1972)
2●Margo Guryan ●Come to me softly (USA, 1968)
3●Saffron ●All your ambitions (?, 196?)
4●These Trails ●Hello Lou (Hawaï, 1973)
5●The Third Estate ●Useless things (USA, 1976)
6●Music Emporium ●Gentle thursday (USA, 1969)
7●Bridget St. John ●I like to be with you in the sun (UK, 1969)
8●Karen Beth ●Something to believe in (USA, 1969)
9●Judee Sill ●The kiss (USA, 1973)
10 ●Saffron ●Vision is a lonely word (?, 196?)
11 ●Linda Perhacs ●Parallelograms (USA, 1970)
12 ●Claudine Longet ●Long long time (USA, 1971)
13 ●Paige Claire●Sunny day (USA, 1970)
14 ●Bridget St. John ●Song for the laird of Connaught Hall pt.2
15 ●The Deep Six ●Unlock the door (USA, 1966)
16 ●Fairport Convention ●Book song (UK, 1969)
17 ●Serpent Power ●Gently, gently (USA, 1967)
18 ●Nico ●These days (USA, 1966)
19 ●Margo Guryan ●California shake (USA, 1968)
Bonus track:
20 ● Mazzy Star ● All your sisters (USA, 1996)


frumious bandersnatch said...

just listening to this & it's superb, thanks !!!

FuzzyWasabi said...


I have to dmit I wasn't really into that style before… but this one sure flows well together. Plus, I have a soft spot for Claudine Longet…

Anonymous said...

Hey man, I can't find Volume Three of this series. Can you help me?


Anonymous said...

Thanks. Been looking for saffron for long time.

Anonymous said...

Great mellow psych monster compilation. I approve.

FuzzyWasabi said...

You can find it here:

It took us months to find the audio sources, that's why it is sandwiched between 18 and 19…

Roger hippie said...

Beautiful songs...

Thanks for you, man.