Monday, November 24, 2008

Fools On The Hill 7: Sons of the Golden Dawn - 19 neo-garage psych greats from the mid-80's/early 90's NEW FILE!

New file uploaded now! We could have called it "New Psych Explorers from the 80's" or something similar… Psych being the important word here. We have another volume devoted to the harder/merseybeat/garage revival bands. Talking about revival, this is maybe what seperates the bands on this volume from the revivalists of the same period: Originality. I got sick of listening to punk rehash of every Nuggets/Pebbles songs out there. While fun while they were doing it (specially live), most of the revivalists sounds a bit "passé" now. The psych bands on this volume have certainly covered some classic psych stuff, but most of their LPs boast a lot of original songs. Their sound, although based in the classic 60's, also attempts to move forward and still prevents them from becoming aural postcards of a by-gone era.

The other interesting point is that bands from all over the world got into the act. You'll find US, English, French and Spanish bands. Included is also my fave: the Vietnam Veterans. Hope this comp will give you new incentive to score some of their albums the next time you visit your neighbourhood Vinyl Dealer.

We're building tomorrow with the comps of today.
OOps, it appears that the previous zip file was corrupted. You will have to dowmload it again. I've just reupped a new file that is fine. Sorry!

Track Listing:

1●The Leopards ●Recess
2●Los Negativos ●¿Quien Aplasto A La Mariposa?
3●The Last James ●Better put some light in there
4●No Strange ●Sailing out
5●The Hairy Fairies ●Mary Jane leaves
6●Head & the Hares ●Why must you fade away
7●The Mystreated ●Sometimes
8●The Wylde Mammoths ●Gone away
9●The Clockwatchers ●This could be love
10 ●The Vietnam Veterans ●With the dreams of today
11 ●Running Stream ●She’s my queen
12 ●The Things ●It’s not that way
13 ●The United States of Existence ●Volunteer fireman
14 ●The Cornflake Zoo ●Rainy day
15 ●Tyrnaround ●Suicidal flowers
16 ●The Chesterfield Kings ●Satisfaction guaranteed
17 ●The Satelliters ●She got all the cards
18 ●The Monsters ●And then you cry
19 ●The Last ●She don’t know why I’m here


Anonymous said...

hello, I see that one our favorite band is Vietnam Veterans I'm lucas trouble 's brother (organist of vietvets) they make a new band with mark Embatta : "the gitanes" in continuity of vietvets, a very good album ,I play myself in garage band namned vibromaniacs, you make a very good blog, cordially
Dr psych

FuzzyWasabi said...

Merci du commentaire! On est pas si loin de Nice que tout ça… L'album des Gitanes est très bon.

Anonymous said...

I love these comps! Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Thanks...but I have downloaded this twice (a long process for a free rapidshare user) and I cannot extract the file. I have tried with winrar and 7zip and both say it is corrupt. Could somebody check it? Thanks again...

Anonymous said...

no can unzip... twice try. no good. Darn!

Hudson said...

Thanks for these comps, nice variety.

Anonymous said...

Hi FuzzyWasabi
the file can't open sorry.
It's possible ti repost?
Thanks so much

Anonymous said...

The Gitanes are great!
I saw them live last year here in Greece and they were full of energy!
The album is very good too.
Thanks for all, FuzzyWasabi!
Cheers from Athens Greece.

Anonymous said...

Super compilation !

Fantomas said...

Great comps here!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this compilations and the educational posts. Just in case you'd like to know, the Los Negativos song in this volume is titled ¿Quien Aplasto A La Mariposa? that translates as "Who Smashed The Butterfly?". BTW whatever happened to volume 3 of this series?

Anonymous said...

Great comp, I'm going to have to track down more by these bands, thanks.

My one reservation is that the single version of 'She don't know why I'm here' is so much better IMHO.

peeppop said...

YOU ARE THE BEST. Thank you for these. I wish there was a way I could get them all -- there are only a few on soul seek! This particular one has expanded my ears, vision, expectations, reactions, and I play tunes from it regularly on my radio show.