Saturday, April 16, 2011

New FOTH Comps in the making

Thanks to your input, the following volumes are getting in the early stages:

Working titles:
FOTH 26: Kurry Sembal Ketjap: South East Asian Beat & Psych from Indonesia, Thailand & Vietnam… We'll see about Laos.

FOTH 27: Far East Fuzz: India and Pakinstan weirdness from the 60's. Not sure I'll find anything from Bangladesh though.

FOTH 28: Middle East Mayhem. Turkish, Lebanese, Syrian (not quite the right time), Israeli. I won't drop any Greek stuff in there for fear of getting my throat slit… Actually mingling the israeli stuff in there is also a bit touchy.
I've got quite a few sources for material here, but if any Egyptian, Libyan, Syrian or anybody from the same region could drop me a mail (in a comment please, I won't publish it) pointing me to stuff… I'd be more than grateful.

This one might get done the first, it seems to fall at the right time.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Fools On The Hill compilations: Complete list of Volumes

The Blogspot search engine is a bit weird, so here is a complete and chronological liste of Volumes for your enjoyment:

Fools On The Hill - Volume 1 – My Tailor Is Rich – 19 necessary beat winners from the swinging 60's french-o-phonic countries

Fools On The Hill 2: Autumn Songbook - 23 moody punk-folk greats from the mid-60s

Fools On The Hill 3: Shaking Along Mersey River - 19 worldwide Mersey Beat and early Beat gems from the mid-60's

Fools On The Hill 4: Goddesses in the sky with Diamonds - 19 psych pop, psych and acid folk female gems from the mid-60's and early 70's

Fools On The Hill 5: Sunny Sunday Smiles - 19 worldwide pop, soft pop and harmony pop greats from the mid-60's

Fools On The Hill 6: Red fuzz with purple flashes - 24 worlwide wild freakbeat masterpieces from the mid-60's

Fools On The Hill 7: Sons of the Golden Dawn - 19 neo-garage psych greats from the mid-80's/early 90's

Fools On The Hill 8: Love Songs in the Night - Last gasps of the golden pop era (Pop Greats from the 70's)

Fools On The Hill 9: McCartnisms on my Mynd - Fabulous McCartneys that Time Forgot

Fools On The Hill 10: Soft as Snow - 23 mid-60's soft beat and popsike acid greats from northern Europe

Fools On The Hill 11: Maybe in a Dream - 19 US Psychedelic Lullabies from the mid-60's

Fools On The Hill 12: Balls & Chains - 18 mid-60's fuzz-driven pop masterpieces from the US

Fools On The Hill 13: A Trip through Unicorn's Forest - 18 fabulous acid folk and folky psychedelic greats from the late-60s /early 70s

Fools On The Hill 14: Walruses all around - 16 greatest songs Lennon never wrote (+ 3 treasures from the Dakota Hotel vaults)

Fools On The Hill 15: Captain Groovy - 20 hip-shaking garage floor fillers from the mid-60s

Fools On The Hill 16: Voices Green & Purple - 19 US acid-punk and soft punk from the mid-60s

Fools On The Hill 17: The Blue Electric Butterfly - 19 mid 60's greats from the UK forgotten psychedelic underground

Fools On The Hill 18: Asian Take-Away - 19 asiatic beat monsters from the late 60's and early 70's

Fools On The Hill 19: That's cool, that's trash - 19 obscure garage punk greats from the american mid-60's

Fools On The Hill 20: Love is a hurting thing - 19 rare mid 60's Northern soul mid-tempo nuggets

Fools On The Hill 21: A last Splash of Colours - 19 fabulous mid-60's POP Masterpieces that time forgot

Fools On The Hill 22: Fabulously Fake Freakouts – 25 wannabe psychedelic tunes from all over the world

Fools On The Hill 23: Pre-Kraut Pleasures- 29 garage psych and post-beat late 60's forgotten gems from the German scene

Fools on the hill 24 : Sizzling Sitar Special - 29 deliciously droning popsike & acid-folk gems from the late-60's to mid-70's

Fools on the hill 25 : Class of '65 - 13 prep-rock wonders from the pre-fuzz ages

Phew! That's a long link list… Have fun!